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So I need to destroy how we view, evalute, reward, or punish people based on the blogs they have and the way they choose to write them.

by: Max Brierley

Death, meet SJWs.


Max pays his own short, yet beautiful tribute to the legend Sir Terry Pratchett and manages to tell all those SJW arsehats to fucking jog-on, simultaneously.

by: Max Brierley

Anti-SJW Time!


WARNING! A Tumblr referral link generated this message: 'Fuck off back to Tumblr.'

by: Max Brierley

Alien: Isolated


I hear the footsteps of a comic-linked blog post coming...

by: Max Brierley

Max's one direction fanfiction


Seriously, it is. Read it.

by: Max Brierley

Phallus Tower & RR50


This blog post contains porridge.

by: Max Brierley

Fighting Fight The New Drug


Fighting the good fight...

by: Max Brierley



We say our apologies for temporarily leaving our fans in a state of abandonment.

by: Max Brierley

An Atheist at Christmas and the Porn Career of Arnold Schwarzenegger


The era of the Christmas special is upon us, to the point where it actually feels odd not to acknowledge the season in our work..

by: Max Brierley (obviously)

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